How to visit us: Guidelines


We appreciate that reading an essay before your visit is a bit of a pain, but it will make your visit run a lot more smoothly if you have read it in advance.

All visitors are now kindly asked to book in advance on our website in order for us to control the numbers onsite so that everyone can enjoy a safe and relaxing visit.

***WELSH GOVERNMENT COVID-19 ADVICE: Please note that you are currently not able to visit us if you are travelling to Pembrokeshire after 6pm on Friday 16th October from a tier 2 or 3 Covid-19 area outside of Wales from Northern Ireland, the central belt of Scotland or from an area in lockdown in Wales. Please e-mail us if you need to alter you booking***

Before you arrive please read this document, even if you are a regular visitor, as we have made a lot of changes to how you visit us!

Buying your ticket

You will need to purchase a ‘bubble’ entrance ticket that is valid for a bubble of up to 6 people who are not socially distancing from each other. If you are visiting with a person/people you are socially distancing from, you will need to book them a separate bubble ticket for an earlier/later time slot. All children must be accompanied by at least one adult at all times during your visit. If there are more than 6 people in your group, please book 2 bubble tickets and ideally please arrive separately at your designated time slot if at all possible – it really helps the flow of visitors through the site. Please note that, due to current government guidelines, we are not able to allow more than 6 people (over 11 years old) to explore the site together.

  • Help = I am not internet savvy! – If you are not internet-savvy or aren’t able to book online for any reason, please phone us on 07966 956357. However, please do try to book online if you possibly can – it really helps us! If you do need to phone through your booking, do be aware that we are a small team and cannot always answer the phone – leave a message and we will call you back as soon as we can.
  • Do I have to book in advance? – Yes please! However, you are more than welcome to arrive and then book the next available slot online while you are in the car park! There may be walk-in places available, so it is always worth asking us.
  • Can I use cash onsite? – Ideally no! If at all possible, please do make onsite purchases with a contactless credit/debit card. We also accept Apple Pay and other mobile phone contactless payments, but cannot accept American Express.


On arrival

***In order to keep everyone safe, please do not visit The Bug Farm and Grub Kitchen if you are displaying any symptoms of Covid-19***

Please arrive at your designated time slot and queue by the tyres outside the Ticket Office. Please wait outside for us to buzz you into the Ticket Office and please sanitise your hands before entering. You will be greeted in the Ticket Office by a member of our friendly Bug Farm team. We will ask for your booking name as confirmation of your booking and ask you to scan our NHS QR code to check in.

We politely request that all visitors adhere to our site rules, which include adults, children over 11 and as many younger children as possible wearing face coverings in all indoor areas. If you don’t have your own, locally-made, bug-themed face coverings may be available to purchase in the Ticket Office….although they do sell out quickly!


Around the site

In order to maintain social distancing and to help you enjoy a relaxing and safe visit, we have split up the indoor areas into a series of ‘bubble zones’. Only one bubble (of up to 6 people) can be in a bubble zone at a time. Please sanitise your hands before entering and exiting every room and wear a face covering when in indoor areas.

There are easy-to-follow directions around the site. We suggest that you pop into the Museum first, where there are 3 bubble zones. Outside the Museum, you will find a row of tyres. Please queue on the tyres until there is no-one in zone 1. Please follow the arrows around the Museum through the different zones.

Please then queue on the tyres to enter the Tropical Bug Zoo. There are 3 bubble zones inside. Stay-time in each bubble zone is limited to 8 minutes! You will hear a bell sound every 8 minutes, which is your signal to move on to the next zone. If you want to spend longer in the Tropical Bug Zoo, you are more than welcome to queue-up for a second trip through.

The toilets, British Bug House, Walled Garden, Bug Barn and Farm Trail are accessed through the Art Gallery, where we have a two-way system with no waiting! You can view the artwork in the Art Gallery in a clearly-marked viewing bubble zone.


‘Up-Close Meet the Bugs’ sessions

For now, we apologise that we are not able to run these popular add-on sessions (maintaining social distancing when handing bugs around a group of people and then sanitising the bugs is impossible)! Instead, we have a member of the team behind a screen in the Tropical Bug Zoo who can show you some of the bugs up-close and answer any questions you have.


Food & Drink

Grub Kitchen

Grub Kitchen serves food from 12 noon – 2:30 pm when The Bug Farm is open. You will be asked to queue by tyres outside Grub Kitchen, place your order at the bar and then wait for your food. There are limited indoor tables in order to maintain social distancing and there are picnic benches placed around site.

To help reduce the use of single-use cups, Grub Kitchen is supporting the #ContactlessCoffee scheme. Please do bring your (clean) re-useable cup to be filled (they won’t be able to wash your cups for you!).


We would, of course, suggest that you eat at Grub Kitchen when visiting us – the food is yummy and you can add trying food made with edible insects to your day’s experience. However, if you would like to bring a picnic with you, you are welcome to eat it on any of our outdoor benches! However, due to the Covid-19 situation, we ask that you take all of your picnic rubbish home with you and do not leave any of it in our onsite bins.

Tap water

All our taps onsite will provide you with mains drinking water. Therefore, please bring your own drinking bottle with you to top-up yourself.


Other precautions

We have been working hard to make our site safe and relaxing to visit. Please do remember that, in Wales, you need to keep at least 2m away from all people who are not in your bubble (including our staff!).

We have increased cleaning and sanitising of all contact points with a Covid-19 approved disinfectant, the team wear face coverings when in indoor areas with others and we encourage visitors and staff to wash and/or sanitise their hands regularly, with additional sanitising points added around the site.

We have removed all non-essential bits and pieces around the site to encourage visitors to touch as little as possible. This does mean that some areas, such as the Bug Barn, are looking a little sparse!

We have closed the Nature Hut and Bug Hut as social distancing inside the small spaces would be impossible. Our chickens with additional needs (Twin and Chicken) are now living the life of luxury in the Nature Hut! We have also opened a new trail (the Arable Plant Trail) and two new exhibits (the British Bug House and an Insect Farming Exhibition) to provide you with even more to explore during your visit, enabling visitors to spread-out even further across our site. We also ask all visitors to only touch items in the shop that they plan to buy.

Please do rest assured that we have your, and our team’s, safety at the heart of all of what we do here.


Season ticket holders

All season ticket holders will need to book online in advance through the regular booking system, selecting the ‘Season Ticket’ option. This enables us to control numbers onsite. You won’t be charged when you book and you will be asked to show your season ticket on entrance as usual. If your season ticket expired during lockdown, please do just ask us to add another five months onto it for free. However, if you want to renew it in order to support us, we won’t say no and will be very grateful!


After your visit

If you test positive for Covid-19 within 2 weeks of your visit – please let us know.

If you need to contact us, please e-mail – you can also ring us on 07966956357. However, please do be aware that we are a small team and may not be able to respond immediately or answer the phone during busy periods – please leave a message and we will call back as soon as we can.