Nature Connections

15 ideas for nature-related activities.

In these unprecedented times, human activities are changing temporarily, so why not take this time to connect with nature and let it inspire you. Taking time out in nature is thought to improve our mental well-being and, in these times, this seems more important than ever!

Get Connected

Below are 15 ideas for nature related activities (some you can do inside your home too):

1. Watch the sunrise/sunset

2. Have a go at stargazing

There are free apps that you can use to help you identify what you can see in the sky.

3. Go for a walk and explore the local area (maintaining social distancing rules)

If you live in the St Davids area check out the St Davids Pollinator Trail.

4. Exercise outdoors

Jog, run, swim and make sure you appreciate nature around you when you’re doing it!

5. Consider creating homes for wildlife and/or a new habitat in your garden

Create a pond, make a log pile, leave a wild area to grow, plant some native wildflowers (educational videos coming soon to our upcoming YouTube channel).

6. Do some wildlife watching from your house

What can you spot in your garden or on local area? Dig out those dusty binoculars to have a closer look!

7. Send a wildlife record to your local recording centre

See if you can identify a plant/animal that you have spotted – there are many useful websites online, such as help. Our local record centre here is the West Wales Biodiversity Information Centre.

8. Read a nature book

Have you read the Beetle Boy trilogy and the Beetle Collector’s Handbook yet? If not, you are missing a treat. They will all soon be available on our up-coming online shop!

9. Listen to a nature podcast/radio section

Search for a podcast or interview by your favourite wildlife presenter and let them entertain you!

10. Watch a nature documentary

Immerse your self in the beauty of nature from your own home. As a family, have a chat about what you can do for nature on your patch. For some ideas of what you can do for pollinators at home, have a look at the downloadable resources available on the St Davids Pollinator Trail page.

11. Create something using nature to inspire you

Writing, drawing, painting, crocheting, even baking – how about baking something with insects from Bug Farm Foods?

12. Take a photograph

Take a nature photo or take a photo of a nature inspired activity you have been doing – share it with us on our social media (@thebugfarm on Facebook and Instagram and @thebugfarmUK on Twitter).

13. Learn something new

Research some interesting or weird facts about nature or learn a new skill e.g. how to make a bug hotel.

14. Get in touch with people and organisations

Is there a topic you feel strongly about and wish to help with? Send an e-mail to the relevant person or organisation and see if there are ways you can help/support in the future.

15. Share

If this post has inspired you, why not share what nature activities you have been doing by sending messages or photos to family, friends and sharing them with us at The Bug Farm via social media (@thebugfarm on Facebook and Instagram and @thebugfarmUK on Twitter).

These are just a few ideas involving nature, for more inspiration search online or check out the rest of our website. You will soon also be able to see our upcoming Bug Farm YouTube channel for more activities: we’ll keep you posted!

By Hannah Kerr – Invertebrate Curator & Science Technician