Dung Beetles Direct

Dung Beetles Direct is a sister business to The Bug Farm, dedicated to researching dung beetles and the role they play in British farming systems. When the research stages are complete, we plan to supply native dung beetles to farmers and horse owners to replenish their native populations.

We aim to educate farmers, horse owners and vets about the importance of British dung beetles and how to look after them on their land. Did you know we have around 60 species of dung beetle here in the UK? They have an essential role in reducing dung lying on pasture. They fertilise and aerate our soils for free as well as reducing greenhouse gases.

Sadly, British dung beetles are in decline! The chemicals we use to treat livestock for parasites can be extremely toxic to dung beetles and, when passed through the dung, can have a devastating effect on native populations of these important little creatures.

We have created some downloadable factsheets to help provide some more information about the importance of dung beetles and how to help you develop a sustainable parasite control plan for your animals.

Fact Sheet 1

Dung Beetles: What do they do for us?

Fact Sheet 2

Sustainable use of parasiticides

If you are a horse owner, we suggest you contact our friends at Westgate Labs to discuss using their faecal egg count service.