The Bug Farm

Tucked away, in the smallest city in the UK, is a farm quite unlike any other. Dedicated to all things bugs, The Bug Farm is a visitor attraction that offers a fantastic experience for families, adults and groups. Since opening its doors in 2015, The Bug Farm has received numerous awards and is a Visit Wales Quality Assured visitor attraction. Come and see for yourself!

The Bug Farm is based on 100 acres of Pembrokeshire’s finest countryside. With indoor and outdoor exhibits, we hope to showcase the wonders of bugs and what they do for us. Although we don’t always realise it, bugs have a vital role in modern society. They guide modern technology; inspire art; benefit our gardens; but, perhaps most importantly, they form the foundation to our food chains. Bugs are integral to farming and part of our mission is to raise awareness of ‘sustainable agriculture’: producing enough food to feed a growing population and looking after wildlife at the same time.