Dr Sarah Beynon

Who is Dr Beynon?


Dr Sarah Beynon is an academic entomologist, ecologist and farmer and the founder of The Bug Farm, Bug Farm Foods Ltd and Dung Beetles Direct.

Sarah’s fascination in the natural world was nurtured through her childhood. But her interest in insects was cemented during her undergraduate years at The University of Oxford during a tour of the Hope Entomological (Insect) Collections with entomologist Darren Mann. After university, Sarah set up an environmental consultancy business, working with farmers and conservation organisations to deliver advice on habitat management for invertebrates. Alongside her consultancy, Sarah studied for doctorate (The University of Oxford), looking into the impacts of agricultural intensification on non-target invertebrates and the ecosystem services they deliver. During the course of her research, she has travelled to Zambia, Bolivia, Brazil, America and Honduras.

Sarah is also passionate about education and the dissemination of her research so returned to Pembrokeshire to start-up Dr Beynon’s Bug Farm (The Bug Farm). Now, she works as a scientist and ecological consultant, but also with children, the public and farmers to enthuse people about insects and make sure that her research is delivered where it is needed – to the farmers and policy-makers.

Sarah also enjoys TV work and has presented for, amongst others, BBC, Channel 4, Discovery Channel, Channel 5 and Animal Planet.

Sarah's awards

2018: Royal Agricultural Society of England Research Medal
2017: Welsh Government ‘Emerging Legend’ and Legend Ambassador for the Year of Legends
2017: Honorary Vice President of the Royal Entomological Society
2016: Pembrokeshire Tourism Awards: Most Exciting New Business/Owner
2015: Plantlife International Meadow Maker of the Year (Wales)
2015-2018: Trustee, Council Member & Outreach & Development sub-committee Member of the Royal Entomological Society
2015: Fellow of the Royal Entomological Society
2015: UnLtd Build It Award – for the UK’s top social entrepreneurs with a track record of social impact
2014+: Senior Research Associate, University of Oxford Department of Zoology
2014: Royal Entomological Society Wallace Award for the best entomological thesis written in the English language
2012: Hay on Earth Green Dragon’s Den Award ‘Sustainable Innovation in Business’
2008: Professor Sir Richard Southwood Scholarship in Insect Ecology
2006: University of Oxford Varley Gradwell Travelling Scholarship.