Nature Recovery

Without wanting to sound too dramatic, we are living in a human-driven biodiversity mass extinction that may lead to the extinction of 41% of the world’s insect species over the next decade. The UK is one of the world’s most nature-depleted countries where we, as humans, have already caused the extinction of 50% of the other species that should live alongside us. Carrying on as we are is no longer an option. However, we strongly believe that we can all work together to help nature recover if we all act now.

Therefore, here at The Bug Farm, our number one priority is nature recovery – conservation is simply no longer enough. We are extremely lucky to own, manage or graze about 90 hectares of land across the St Davids peninsula, which acts as a habitat corridor, linking up important wildlife habitat that is part of the internationally-important North-west Pembrokeshire Commons Special Area of Conservation (SAC).

We work hard to manage our land as a wildlife reserve, converting the previously intensive farmland into wildlife habitat. However, we do also still produce food for humans! All of our nature recovery actions are driven by our research and are showcased on our visitor attraction. We are also passionate about changing policy to protect nature and the future of sustainable food production.

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For more information on our conservation and research, have a browse through our projects or visit us. Our Farm Trail takes you on a tour of our habitats and research, covering over almost 7 hectares of our land.