Bug Farm Foods – Hamper – Cricket Bundle


Looking for a gift with a difference for a foodie friend, or an eco-conscious cousin? This luxury hamper from Bug Farm Foods gives you a real taste of the future.

Try the whole insect ingredients before tasting the Cricket Cookies and then have a go at cooking with insect powder yourself by following one of the recipes on the Bug Farm Foods website.

The hamper contains:

Chocolate Chip Criket Cookies – 130g (each luxury Cricket Cookie contains, on average, 20 powdered, UK-farmed crickets)

Whole Crickets – 30g (UK-farmed)

Cricket Powder – 95g (UK-farmed)

Packaged in a home compostable, bio-based sleeve in a reusable/recyclable cardboard and tin tube within a reusable wicker hamper. Proudly made onsite at Bug Farm Foods.

For ingredients, nutrition information and allergen advice, please see individual product information data.

If you are allergic to crustaceans or dust mites, you may also be allergic to insects.

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