Grub Kitchen Voucher: £50


A treat with a difference! Grub Kitchen at The Bug Farm is the UK’s first full-time edible insect restaurant and is the perfect place to try an insect-based dish for the first time. Grub Kitchen also serves a range of delicious vegan, vegetarian and local meat dishes: there really is something for everyone on the menu.

UPDATE: As a result of Brexit, and rather than following EU legislation, the UK Food Standards Agency are re-regulating Novel Foods, of which edible insects are one type. Therefore, for this interim period, Grub Kitchen is currently unable to serve edible insects. Don’t worry though, Grub Kitchen has plenty of delicious, local, sustainable food on the menu and we all look forward to when they are able to serve insect-based dishes again – which will hopefully be very soon. Many apologies for any inconvenience caused.